I get asked a lot about some of the awesome space-themed clothes and jewelry I use in my videos. I’m happy to share the astronomy love!

A couple of my space tees are membership tees from The Planetary Society. While those specific designs might not be available, they have lots of similar tees in their Chop Shop!

The beautiful Celestial Peach bra and leggings from Old Navy. Also their gender-neutral NASA tee!

From ModCloth, the Wonderfully Wax and Wane Sheath Dress and the Vault of Heaven Layered Necklace.

The Solar sweatshirt featuring the planets (and Pluto) from The Sweat Site.

The star-print scrunchie/scarf from Target.

The delicate double-star necklace by Jennifer Zeuner.

The gray sweater with stars is the merino crewneck sweater from Gap, but I don’t see the pattern on their site anymore.

Lastly, my wonderful galaxy leggings were purchased on eBay years ago, handmade for me to be long enough because I could not find 37″ inseam galaxy leggings anywhere else. I don’t have the order info anymore, sorry!

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